Klis’ Mike Drop

Believe it or not Broncos still in playoff contention, 1-on-1 with Kenny Young and the potentially exhausted Chargers up next

November 24, 2021

The 2021 Denver Broncos are still alive. 

While some fans might be down on the team after the disappointing loss to the Eagles before the bye, sitting at 5-5 the Broncos are still very much alive in the crowded AFC West. The next two weeks will dictate everything, though. 

In the latest edition of his podcast "Klis' Mike Drop," our 9NEWS Broncos insider Mike Klis discusses where the Broncos stand coming off their bye week, the fallout from Teddy Bridgewater's lackluster effort on one key play against the Eagles and how Denver is still in playoff contention. 

Klis then goes 1-on-1 with Broncos linebacker Kenny Young, a key acquisition from the Rams earlier this season. Young has now been traded twice in his early career and opens up to Mike about the challenges of adjusting to a new team after doing a seemingly good job for his previous one. 

Finally, Mike looks at Denver's showdown with the Chargers this weekend. Mike thinks Los Angeles could be exhausted coming off a wild win over the Steelers on Sunday night, and the Broncos could take advantage of that to steal a victory. 

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